Indiana University

  • Instructor for INFO-I 590 SQL and NoSQL: Spring 2020 (Online class)

  • Instructor for ILS-Z 636 Data Semantics: Fall 2019 (Residential class)

  • Instructor for INFO-I 390 Undergraduate Independent Study (see also: Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing program): Fall 2016

  • Associate Instructor for INFO-I 590/ILS-Z 636 Data Semantics: Fall 2017 (Residential and online classes) and Fall 2018 (Residential and online classes)

  • Associate Instructor for INFO-I 590 SQL and NoSQL: Spring 2017 (Online class), Summer 2017 (Online class), Spring 2018 (Residential and online classes), Summer 2018 (Online class), Fall 2018 (Residential class), Spring 2019 (Online class), and Summer 2019 (Online class)

Peking University

  • Teaching Assistant for IM 709 Enterprise Information and Electronic Commerce: Fall 2014 (Online class) and Fall 2015 (Online class)

  • Teaching Assistant for 03033560 Introduction to Information Literary: Fall 2015 (Residential class)

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

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