Yi Bu


I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Management, Peking University, China. Before joining Peking University, I was a research fellow at the Center for Science of Science and Innovation (CSSI), Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO), and the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University working with Dr. Dashun Wang. I am doing research in the application aspect of big data analytics, with a particular focus on scholarly data mining. Specifically, my research endeavors to elucidate the process of knowledge diffusion (e.g., differences between knowledge diffusion of interdisciplinary and unidisciplinary publications), the analysis of scholarly networks and their variants (e.g., co-citation, bibliographic coupling, and some hybrid networks), and bibliometric indicators for research assessment (e.g., citation-based impact indicators). I have an undergraduate degree in information management and system from Peking University, an M.S. in data science, and a Ph.D. in informatics from Indiana University.​ At Indiana, I was supervised by Bill & Lewis Suit Professor Ying Ding.